The Frisbee connects people

And therefore we are proud to be able to call ourselves the most welcoming Frisbee-Team in Dresden!


Our home Löbtau is in our hearts. Therefore we are a Club from and for our neighbours in Löbtau.


Sport keeps young. We love being active and therefore combine game and fitness.


Whether you are young or old, pupil, student, employed or senior: everyone that is able to throw or catch a frisbee is welcome!

News from the Lachsbecken

We report the latest news regarding the Löbtau Lachse

Hannah Lankowsky again Team-Captain

22. July 2021

Last week the monthly decision on the Team-Captain took place. As always a majority of Lachse met up for a training-session at Bonhoefferpark. In the followed throwing challenge it was Hannah Lankowsky who won the second time in a row and therefore will lead the Löbtau-Lachse as Team-Captain in July. Congratulations Hannah, we hope for a good start into the season with you as our leader!

The Lachse congratulate Sophie Lorenz!

24. July 2021

The latest birthday from within the Lachse is popular and likeable founding-member Sophie Lorenz. The Lachse whish Sophie all the best for the future and a calm hand and we hope you will find the time to continue playing with us in the Lachsbecken!

Our founding story

It was the year 2021, when a fatefull encounter began to shift the entire future of Löbtau. In one of Löbtaus most famous shared apartments did Hannah Lankowsky, currently back-to-back Team-Captain, bring a Frisbee into the apartment. What would start as a nice pastime would soon become an unique success-story rarely witnessed before. Day after day more people showed up, always led by "The WG" to play Frisbee. While the established members would bring their Frisbee-Skills to perfection, the story spreaded that there was a new Frisbee-Team in the Region. The message even reached until Leipzig and after most recent times, we are able to call us an international Frisbee-Team due to a norwegian member! Every week more people join us and you could be the next!

The story continues!

You think all the frisbeen were thrown already? No way! Our number of members doubles every month, we play in both the most important Frisbee-Leagues in Germany and we are looking forward to our first international matches. The Frisbee is flying faster and faster and we can't be stopped now! Spread the message and become a part of our team!

Join us now

Fixture Saison 2021/2022

Past and upcoming matches

Löbtau Lachse vs. Dresden Drosseln

5 : 2

Hamburger Hyänen vs. Löbtau Lachse

0 : 3

Löbtau Lachse vs. Leipzig Lanternenfische


Löbtau Lachse vs. Harsewinkeler Hunde