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Today it seems like there are more streaming-platforms than movies and tv-shows to watch on them. I am sure that most of us are subscribed (or at least have access to) at least two different platforms. Netflix is of course very popular, but maybe on top, we also need Disney+ or maybe HBO? I for one am not happy about this dependence for several reasons:

  • There are always shows or movies that are not included in our collection of streaming subscriptions, no matter for how many services we pay.
  • The service might suddenly drop my favourite movie or show from their platform.
  • I need to be online (and without VPN) to user their service.
  • I am sharing my viewing habits and taste with the platform.

Therefore I have acquired a reasonably large collection of movies and shows I really like and that I have access to at all times, even offline. But as my collection is just a bunch of files and folders on my hard-drive, checking if I have a particular movie or looking for a new series to watch was very unconvenient. I needed a way to easily browse my collection, preferably accessable to anyone from any device.

Yannickflix was born.

A shiny frontend

That is why I sat down and built my own media-browser: Yannickflix. With a python-script I scraped all the file-names on my hard-drive and matched them with actual movies and tv-shows by use of the IMDB-API. Now I had a .json-file with detailed information on all my media-items.

Next, with help of my trustworthy companions Vue.js and Quasar-framework I built a web-application that would display all those items with all their details in a nice way. Furthermore I equipped the application with features such as a search-field, a genre-filter and more. Of course I also took care of adjusting the layout nicely for mobile-devices.

All in all I am very happy with how the final product turned out to look like. It does its job perfectly and makes my life easier, by allowing my (and my friends) to browse the collection with a few taps on our phones.

The desktop version of the app.

Check it out!

You should definitely check out the webapp at!

Also, if you are interested, you can check out the project-source on Github. The app can definitely be useful for more purposes as well, such as showing your favourite movies or movie recommendations, as a watchlist and more.

Other than that, thank you for reading and feel free to reach out to me with feedback, suggestions, questions or else!