Disclaimer: I am neither a researcher nor otherwise affiliated with institutions actually fighting for or providing internet-anonymity or privacy.I WILL throw around technical terms that may stray from actual definitions. Nonetheless I want to share my knowledge, assumptions and advice as a computer scientist.

We’re almost done

In the third post of my little “series” Get paranoid with me we went through some more advanced and heavy measures to protect your privacy. Thereby I have shared most of the (at least to me) obvious ideas; I want to give, however, a list of additional resources where you can find more in-depth tips, compare my suggestions against others or just look for something specific I failed to mention.

Thanks for reading!

This is the last post of my series on privacy. I hope you found at least some aspects or ideas helpful or educational; if you have questions or need help with realizing one of the listed measures, feel free to reach out to me and I am sure i can help you out! The same holds for any other form of comment, remark or question, I enjoy every type of feedback.