Starting august I was part of a Whats-App-chat with some of my friends, all being quite active in the group-chat. Naturally, after some observing, I became quite curious about patterns and behaviour of the chat and its members and if my observations and assumptions could be backed up by the real data. I came across this medium blog post by Luis that described how to export, parse and analyze Whats-App-chats. I put in some late nights and was able to make use of his ideas and even extend some notions of it.

How many messages did each author send?

The script I developed in pure Python is able to parse the Whats-App-chat history exported directly from Whats-App, gather basic facts, do some analyzing tasks and, most importantly, generate some good looking charts. It can be used by anybody and any chat. It allows some modification and is open to extending. Personally, regarding my group-chat, I could back up some suspicions I had as well as learn a lot of interesting new facts. Escpecially in group chats it is quite revealing what roles and different texting-characters the different people have.

How many messages were sent over time?

I adjusted the script to be called from the command line and published it in to Github, so I recommend checking out the project on my Github, taking a look at the code and playing around with it!

Feel free to message me or open up a PR if you are interested in the details, have troube using it, have some suggestions for other interesting analysis tasks or want to collaborate on it!

And here are some more interesting charts I generated:

Messages by hour, messages by day, messages by day and month