We love frisbee!

During the summer 2021 my friends and me discovered the joy of playing frisbee together. Our obsession with playing mounted in us founding an imaginary frisbee-team: The Löbtau-Lachse, with Löbtau being the name of the part of the city we live in and Lachse being german for "salmon".

After playing frisbee for many weeks and having a lot of friends and other people join us we grew a bit tired of explaining the joke about us being a professional frisbee-team; what we needed was a professional website!
We even have our own customized frisbee.

Our own website

That is what I did: with Jekyll and a premade theme I created a real website for the imaginary frisbee-team Löbtau-Lachse. I am very proud of the result and hope you find some joy reading through the page… of course it is available both in German and English!

So feel free to check out the website at yannickspoerl.de/loebtau-lachse!

This is what the result looks like.