It started out as my Bachelor’s thesis

I was writing my bachelors thesis on the topic of defining a new semantics in the topic of Abstract Argumentation, so within an area of logic and Artificial Intelligence. I had a lot of fun doing this work and fortunately I was able to succeed in proving the ideas proposed by my supervisor. Even before starting my work on the thesis, it was forseeable that, should everything go as planned, the outcome will be worthy of being brought up at a fitting conference on logic.

Now it’s a paper

My supervisor shortened, adjusted and edited the thesis into a shorter paper and submitted it to various conferences to review. Finally it got accepted at the Fourth International Conference on Logic and Argumentation. The conference took place from 20.10. - 22.10.21 as both online and physical meetings. It was very fun to watch some talks about topics I don’t understand anything about and to hear my supervisor’s talk, introducing our paper “The Choice-Preferred Semantics for Relevance-Oriented Acceptance of Admissible Sets of Arguments”. As it is usual with these kind of conferences, all introduced papers will be published as proceedings, in this case in Logic and Argumentation in the “Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence”.

I have an Erdős number!

I am very thrilled that I managed to be coauthor of a published paper and hope this will not be my last scientific work! And funny enough, I found out that I hereby now have Erdős number of 5. Hooray!

The book including the paper can be found here.