For the lecture Application Development for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing during winter-term 19/20 my teammate and I created a nice little Android-Application: Studocracy.

Some background

This app tries to solve the problems of the expectation mismatch between professors and students, but can also be used for other speaker - audience dynamics. Firstly the lecturer can create his lecture within the app, which creates a PIN and QR-code that he can share with his audience. Then, while the lecture is active, anyone who knows PIN or QR-Code can join this lecture in the app and rate the lecture in simple categories or leave a short message - all with his sentiment attached. The lecturer sees all this accumulated feedback and comments on his screen in real-time. This aims to improve the students satisfaction with the lecture by allowing them to give anonymous feedback and lets the lecturer adjust his style according to the students needs.

The Stack

All this is realized by the client-application used on phones, written in Dart with the cross-platform framework Flutter. The clients communicate via ReST from one deployed backend, that handles the user interactions and database, written also in Dart with the web-framework Aqueduct.

Overall we are happy with the result and passed the exam with a good grade, also it is nice to see the fictional idea being realized by a working prototype. I invite you to download the app from Google Play and try it at your university or meetings!

Check out the app on Google Play or check out the code on GitHub.