Hackaburg 19

Hackaburg, the Hackathon at TechBase in Regensburg was on 24.5. and 25.5 and my team, friends from university, and me took part. It was the first Hackathon for all of us and with small expectations but big anticipation we took the journey to Regensburg the day before and stayed overnight to be at the venue on friday morning.

The schedule

After the initial introductions, pitches and lunch we started coding midday. We had a few breaks for eating, hanging out in the ball pit or playing some Mario Cart, but worked hard through the entire night until the code freeze saturday midday. After a few 5 minutes introductions to the judges our team and project was selected to be presented to the complete audience as one of the 12 final teams. As the event had 5 main tracks, speak types and/or purposes of application, each sponsored by one company, one winner for each track was to be chosen. Each of the final teams had exactly 3 minutes to pitch, show and explain what they have worked on for the past 24 hours. We were a bit nervous as we were really tired and due to Hackaburg being the first event of its kind we participated in, but did okay and so we won our track “Digital Insurance”! We were really happy about our final prototype and of course about winning. So on sunday we went home not only tired and exhausted but also loaded with goodies, good food in our belly, the winning prize and happy!

What did be build?

Our prototype was a chatbot powered by the Conversational AI from SAP, an own fancy front-end in Angular and a powerful backend in Spring-Boot. The application was able to have a smart and funny chat with the user, ask him relevant questions until suggesting him the perfect insurance for his needs, all while persisting the data and knowing when to ask what questions.

After all, it was one of the best weekends I ever had, the event itself and its challenges were fun, the organizers did a great job in providing food, accomodation, goodies and fun side-events. My teammates did a really good job as well and we had much fun while working, so I would repeat weekends like this anytime again with my mates and am thrilled about doing stuff like this again soon!